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Enjoy AO Photo Book in a combo with special postcard of your choice. Get to know Adam Ondra through his thoughts and photos around the world, because „Even a piece of climbing can be a piece of art.“ 

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Two years of Adam Ondra 

Get to know an exceptional climber Adam Ondra through his thoughts and photos. The AO Photo Book, full of pure nature, hard work and emotions, will take you on his two years’ journey around stunning outdoor areas, calm rock formations, as well as pulsating and vibrant indoor contests. The photos are accompanied by unique texts from Adam himself, where he shares his thoughts on climbing life, motivation, comfort zone, competitions, climbing etiquette and more.

Choose from 2 variants of the AO Photo Book with or without Adam's signature and choose 1 of 4 postcards themes to be added in the combo with the book. Write your chosen type of postcard in the note when ordering. You can choose from these 4 postcard themes: Dream, Hot Pork Sunday, Spank the Monkey, To Bolt Or Not To Be.
If it is not specified, we will randomly select one of the 4 themes for you. A postcard is sold for 20 € separately, but you have a great opportunity to get it for advantaged price as a combo with the book. Let's check out all postcards.

„Even a piece of climbing can be a piece of art.“ 

This big format coffee-table book features astonishing series of yet unpublished rock climbing pictures by famous photographer Bernardo Giménez, along with sport climbing photos from Championship competitions by Lukáš Bíba. On 223 pages, you will find 153 large scale photos and 12 unique essays. The book cover made of a white textile gives the book a truly luxurious feeling. High-quality paper with the simple photo printing method will make this book the centrepiece of your bookcase.

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Width 316 mm
Height 268 mm
Weight 1640 g
Pages 223 pages
Author Adam Ondra
Photographer Bernardo Giménez, Lukáš Bíba
Publisher AO Production s.r.o.
Language English
ISBN 9788027064588